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caesar is a so called IBE (Internet Booking Engine), that hotels may use to enhance the own web-site with a realtime online reservation function.
Reservations produced by the caesar-software are free of charge, no commission or transaction fee is due to caesar-data.

Provided service:

The hotel ___________________________________________________________

represented by Mr./Mrs. ___________________________________________________________

address ___________________________________________________________

ZIP/town ___________________________________________________________

web-site ___________________________________________________________

e-mail address ___________________________________________________________

VAT-ID ___________________________________________________________

(hereinafter referred to as 'the hotel') becomes user of the caesar-database and of the reservation software in the
[  ]   version for business hotels
[  ]   version for holiday hotels (please check the requested version)

Data-base input:
The data input (room rates, closed dates etc.) is to be made by the hotel directly and on its own responsibility.
The hotel-self-management-programme can be reached 24 hours a day. Updates of data are immediately active.
ID-code and password for the log-in will be sent to the hotel by e-mail with the confirmation of the registration

The hotel will implement the caesar-reservation software in his homepage by a so called "link" on the hotel's website (i.e. a button describing 'online-reservation').
Further changes on the hotel's website are not necessary.
The link will be sent to the hotel with the e-mail confirmation of the registration

Booking procedures:
The complete reservation process performs online, on a SSL-secure server. The reservation process is based on the data input by the hotel.
The reservation will be confirmed immediately per e-mail to both, the hotel and the party making the reservation.
Parties to the (contract of) reservation are the hotel and the party making the reservation. caesar-data.com only provides the software to enable the online reservation.

The system-fee, that will be valid until this agreement ends, is of EURO 25,00 per month, plus german VAT.
VAT will not apply for those hotels in EU-countries when the tax-number of the hotel is advised.
The hotel will be billed in advance for the current year.
(Your above shown address will be used on the invoice, in case a special format is requested from your tax office, you are kindly requested to advise the address, you want to be shown on our invoice).
The invoice shall be paid free of bank expences.

Terms of the agreement:
The present agreement will become effective after signature and will run for an unlimited period.
This agreement may be cancelled at anytime giving notice by letter of telefax. Overpaid system fee will be refunded.
In the event of the hotel failing to pay caesar-data.com's invoice within 30 days after billing date, caesar-data.com may subsequently and immediate suspend all its services and remove the hotel from the system.



Stamp/signature of the hotel


Place, Date: ____________________________________




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